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NAHS Bathroom Pass Policy Evolving

Sean Hunt
Long Line for Bathroom during Break

Northridge Academy High School has recently implemented a revised restroom policy in response to concerns over security. The policy, initially introduced to address on-campus incidents of smoking and fighting, has faced challenges that include long lines and unhygienic practices pointed out by students and staff, predominantly during student nutrition breaks.  Hall passes has been a topic during School Leadership Council meetings (SLC) that is being addressed and dealt with currently.

The former policy mandated students to carry clipboards into the restrooms to prevent vandalism and misconduct. While well-intentioned, this practice was perceived as inconvenient and unsanitary by a number of students, staff, and parents.

Ms. Goodman, a teacher at the school, recognized the need for a practical solution and introduced a new lanyard system. Under this system, students wear lanyards that serve as restroom passes. This innovative approach is designed to mitigate the inconveniences associated with the previous policy and enhance hygiene.

The use of lanyards, a straightforward and sanitary alternative, has been welcomed by students and staff. It eliminates the need for students to carry clipboards into the restroom, thereby streamlining the process and improving overall cleanliness.

The introduction of the lanyard system is a factual reflection of the school’s efforts to address security concerns while improving the restroom experience for students. Future adjustments to the policy are anticipated to maintain a safe and efficient restroom protocol. As the system continues to evolve, students and stakeholders can expect continued enhancements in restroom access at Northridge Academy High School.

In a most recent interview with the administration, the assistant principal Mr. Oh comments on the subject. “The lines at lunch are only long for a brief moment. And we have as many bathrooms open as we can.” This means we can expect to see as many bathrooms open as possible from now on.

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