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Can ChatGPT Store Be an Income Generator?


ChatGPT has been an incredible change since its introduction in late 2022 to the Internet. But recently, Open AI has introduced a new ChatGPT Store where anyone can create their own AI based on the frame- work of ChatGPT.

As of January 7th, anyone can submit their own GPT (Generative Pre-training Transformer) in the online store and potentially earn money for their creations on the store. These GPTs can vary from being a cooking assistant to an online tutor and creating them requires no experience in AI technology. The new store can be a source of passive income for anyone looking to earn money from a side hustle. However, as of now the exact amount of money creators will receive from the store is unknown and to keep a GPT on the store requires a $20 per month subscription.

This new platform can potentially combine the abilities of AI from the internet into one source. People have to go to different AI websites to assist in tasks such as photo editing and voice modeling, and helping with work. Students here at Northridge Academy High School use it.

A potential concern to creating new types of chatbots to solve problems can lead to less certainty and credibility online. Here at Northridge Academy High School, Mr. Matheny, the English Department chair, states that it makes him suspicious of his students when reading an essay. “I want to read an essay and say it’s a good essay without thinking about if they used ChatGPT.” The credibility of writing can now also be applied to other fields of work that custom GPTs can specialize in. There might even start to be AI generated cooking recipes and clothing designs.

Overall, ChatGPT Store can be a powerful tool for assisting with everyday life and another source of passive income. But the concerns of more types of AI generated content on the internet can be an issue. The ChatGPT store is still new and subject to change overtime. Users should be wary of new developments that can show up from user created GPTs.

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