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Trump’s Lead of Concern to Students


As the 2024 Presidential Election furthers, former president Donald Trump takes the lead in the primary elections so far for the Republican party. Last month in Iowa, Trump won 51% for the Republican primary election and Nikkie Haley in third place with 19% of the votes according to CNN Politics. Biden is overall the leading vote for the Democratic party for the primary elections.

With Trump on the lead for the Republicans, students and faculty are asked how they feel about this. Mrs. Nelson, a social studies teacher here at Northridge Academy High School, gives her say about this latest news in politics. “It horrifies me because I believe Donald Trump is a flat-out fascist, Nikkie Haley is a better choice, but I think Trump is totally mentally unfit to be president.” With Trump’s previous actions, such as influencing the Capitol raid in Washington on January 6th, 2021, it is reasonable that Mrs. Nelson believes that Trump isn’t the best candidate to be a president.

From a student’s perspective, Carlos Altamira believes the same thing, stating “If he wins, he will be a lot more daring and angry than he was, I do not support his political values. Why would a leftist vote for a fascist?”

The January 6th incident was obviously caused by the former president. So, it raises the question: are our students and  faculty scared of another uprising against the government? Many fear that this event might happen again if Trump gets re-elected for president.

However, it seems clear that many people believe that Trump is a bad choice, but what do other
people here at NAHS think about him? Shenod Lasz, vice president of class of 2024, gives his honest opinion on the primary election. “I hope things will go back to how it was before Biden, there isn’t really a good candidate here, as it’s either Biden or Trump.

Some students have different opinions about Trump. Joseph Emerick, another student, states that “Trump is definitely going to reopen domestic oil production, and Americans yearn for cheaper gas.” Ever since the war between Russia and Ukraine, the US and many other countries placed sanctions on Russia, which increased the prices of gasoline due to Russia being the US’s provider.

Despite the divided opinions, NAHS studetns respect each other’s views and opinions, because that’s how we can learn from one another. Not respecting our views causes more political and societal disruption, our society can be more divided than it already is.

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